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In, Out, In, Out, Shake it All About? Charities, Campaigning and the EU referendum News - Briefing

Date: 29/04/2016 Authors : Laetitia Ransley

As the EU referendum date of 23 June approaches and the prospect of a potential Brexit looms, many in the charity sector will be pondering what the likely impact of the vote will be for their organisation, and what – if any – role they wish to play in determining its outcome.

Consultation on simplifying the Gift Aid donor benefit rules News - Briefing

Date: 29/04/2016 Authors : Rachel Holmes

Fundamentally, Gift Aid is a tax relief on charitable donations, but it has long been possible for charities to provide some benefits to donors in connection with their donations and still claim Gift Aid, for instance as part of a charity membership scheme. There are, however, limits to the...

General Data Protection Regulation: Implications for Charities News - Briefing

Date: 29/04/2016 Authors : Alan Baker, Nicole Reed

Last December, the European Commission announced that consensus had finally been reached on the text of the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ).  The three independent law-making bodies (the European Commission, Parliament and Council) had combined their efforts under the leadership of Ja...

Information Matters: Encryption hits the headlines again - WhatsApp, Brexit and Freedom of Information News - Briefing

Date: 29/04/2016 Authors : Owen O'Rorke

Our last edition of Information Matters highlighted the recent announcement by WhatsApp that it had introduced full end-to-end encryption for communications sent between devices, noting that " It will certainly be interesting to see how governments around the world respond to this development… " 

Charity Commission's Consultation on Fundraising Guidance: 'Charity fundraising: a guide to trustee duties' News - Briefing

Date: 29/04/2016 Authors : Nicole Reed

In the last year charity fundraising has been, and continues to be, headline news. Media scandal, triggered by the tragic death of Olive Cooke, coupled with increasing political pressure for reform has led to a full review of fundraising regulations ( the Etherington Review ), amendments to the...

Information Matters: GDPR after Brexit - plus ça change… News - Briefing

Date: 28/04/2016 Authors : Paul Jones

In addition to confirming today the Select Committee’s approval of the new Information Commissioner, as previewed in the last edition of Information Matters , the ICO last week issued the following Statement on the implications of Brexit for data protection:

Budget 2016: Non-dom reform update How we help - Private wealth matters

Date: 28/04/2016 Authors :

The recent Budget included some good news for non-domiciliaries. Specifically it has been confirmed that: The overseas assets of individuals who become deemed domiciled under the new rules in April 2017 will be rebased for capital gains tax (CGT) purposes so that pre-6 April 2017 gains will not b...

Rural Estates Newsletter Spring 2016 News - Briefing

Date: 28/04/2016 Authors : James Maxwell, James Carleton

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reports that the political leaders of the planet Golgafrincham tried to solve their intractable political difficulties by tricking the middle classes into believing the planet was doomed and an exodus of the entire population was the only escape.  The leaders...

Prince in the Courts: The Legal Legacy of a Musical Icon News - Briefing

Date: 27/04/2016 Authors : Owen O'Rorke

Given his towering genius and great eccentricity, it is no surprise that most tributes to Prince Rogers Nelson have focused on his music and his enigma – not his contribution to copyright law. Even so, such was the notoriety of his relationship with record companies and rights ownership that few...

Thematic Review of inducements and conflicts of interest – anyone left for tennis? News - Briefing

Date: 26/04/2016 Authors : Fiona Lowrie, Grania Baird

Last week the FCA published their findings of their 2015 thematic review of inducements and conflicts of interest on a new webpage .

Company Residence and Management and Control: How to Navigate the Pitfalls How we help - News

Date: 26/04/2016 Authors : Robert Field

The cases of Laerstate BV v HM Revenue & Customs and Wood v Holden (2006)  serve as a useful reminder of all the things one must and must not do in order to ensure that a company doesn't become resident in the UK by reason of its management and control. We present the facts of the cases and advis...

Financial Advice Market Review – final report How we help - Finance & funding issues

Date: 25/04/2016 Authors : Grania Baird, Fiona Lowrie

HM Treasury ( HMT ) and the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ) recently published the final report of the Financial Advice Market Review ( FAMR ).  The aim of FAMR is to support the development of a market which "provides affordable and accessible financial advice and guidance for everyone, at a...

Inn the Field of Play - April 2016: Adam Johnson - the fallout News - Briefing

Date: 22/04/2016 Authors : Robert Lewis, Tom Rudkin

Following Adam Johnson's conviction for sexual activity with a child and his subsequent six year sentence (both of which are now the subject of an appeal), it has been well documented that his former employer, Sunderland Football Club, found themselves under intense media scrutiny resulting in th...

A private client employer's duty to prevent illegal working News - Briefing

Date: 21/04/2016 Authors : Serena Nicholls (née Mckelvie)

This article was first published by eprivateclient, reproduced here with kind permission of the editor. Private client employers often employ staff from overseas butmany are unaware of their duty to check that those they employhave the right to work in the UK.

Celebrity threesome story flags injunction weaknesses News - Briefing

Date: 18/04/2016 Authors :

This article has been reproduced with the kind permission of Spear's. The courts may no longer be the best battlefield for the fight to keep a celebrity's private life private according to Jennifer Agate. Few can have missed the ongoing drama of the anonymous celebrity caught up in an internation...

Information Matters: Data & Privacy roundup - GDPR text progresses, 'Panama Papers' leak, WhatsApp gets encrypted News - Briefing

Date: 14/04/2016 Authors : Alan Baker

1. General Data Protection Regulation adopted by the European Council and Parliament  On 6 April 2016, the European Council published a new text (available  here ) of the General Data Protection Regulation (" GDPR "). This has been revised somewhat since the text that was published on 15 December...

Information Matters: Copyright – new rights for publishers or a Google "snippets tax"? News - Briefing

Date: 14/04/2016 Authors : Paul Jones, Peter Wienand

Regular readers of Information Matters will be aware of the European Commission's efforts to modernise and update copyright law under the auspices of the Digital Single Market Strategy (see recent editions of Information Matters here and here ).  The Strategy itself includes " 16 targeted...

Q2 Commercial Forecast 2016: The Trunki case - what good are protected designs? News - Briefing

Date: 13/04/2016 Authors : Owen O'Rorke

The recent Supreme Court decision in PMS International Group Plc (Respondent) v Magmatic Limited (Appellant) – better known as the “Trunki” case – has seen designers question the value of Registered Community Design (RCD). After being underused by businesses for many years, RCDs had been growing ...

Q2 Commercial Forecast 2016: EU Trade Mark Reforms News - Briefing

Date: 13/04/2016 Authors : Peter Wienand

The EU has adopted a package of reforms to its trade mark system, designed to reduce costs and complexity and ensure consistency across Member States. First up are some name changes: the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) has been renamed the European Union Intellectual Proper...

Q2 Commercial Forecast 2016:Proposed changes to deductibility of interest may hit property industry News - Briefing

Date: 13/04/2016 Authors : Robert Field

Base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) refers to techniques used by some multinational group companies to engineer where profit and expenditure arise in order to reduce their tax bill. To tackle this, the BEPS Project was formed. The Project identified the use of loans to generate interest...

Q2 Commercial Forecast 2016: The Financial List - the new specialist financial court News - Briefing

Date: 13/04/2016 Authors : Kate Allass

A specialist cross-jurisdictional court list set up to expedite dispute resolution for parties litigating on financial matters became operational on 1 October 2015. Located in the Rolls Building, the list represents an initiative to build on the financial expertise of judges in response to...

The PSC Register: what Schools need to know Charities & institutions - News

Date: 11/04/2016 Authors : Elizabeth Jones

Schools will no doubt be aware of the new requirement for registered companies to compile and maintain a Register of People with Significant Control ( PSC Register ), which came into force last week. This only directly affects schools that are established as companies (whether limited by guarante...

Information Matters: The ICO updates its direct marketing guidance: consent clarified, charities challenged News - Briefing

Date: 01/04/2016 Authors : Alan Baker

At the end of last week (on 24 March 2016), the ICO announced, via a blog post , that it has updated its guidance on direct marketing. The updated guidance (now in Version 2.0) can be viewed here .

Information Matters: The ICO gets a Canadian watchdog: what can we expect from the proposed new Information Commissioner? News - Briefing

Date: 01/04/2016 Authors : Owen O'Rorke

So farewell then, Christopher Graham, the outgoing Information Commissioner after 7 years in the seat; and welcome Elizabeth Denham, presently Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia - but confirmed this week as the government's preferred choice for the new UK head regulator in t...

The PSC Register: An introductory guide for charities and their trading subsidiaries News - Briefing

Date: 31/03/2016 Authors : Elizabeth Jones

Registered companies must keep a Register of People with Significant Control ( PSC Register ) from 6 April 2016.  This new requirement applies to all UK companies and LLPs including charitable companies, community interest companies and trading subsidiaries of charities.  Charitable incorporated...

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