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UK votes to leave the European Union News - Briefing

Date: 24/06/2016 Authors : Marie Bates

It will not have escaped your attention that the United Kingdom held a referendum on the question of whether to remain a member of the European Union or leave. The referendum was held on 23 June 2016. British citizens voted to leave the EU with a small majority of 52% against and 48% votes to...

Information Matters: What does Brexit mean for the future of data protection? News - Briefing

Date: 24/06/2016 Authors : Owen O'Rorke

Amid the debates regarding economy, sovereignty and border control, neither side's EU Referendum campaign – perhaps unsurprisingly – made any mention whatsoever out of the Cinderella issue of data protection. Nevertheless for UK businesses (as well as practitioners) the prospect of what would...

EU Referendum Vote – Initial reflections on implications for financial services clients News - Briefing

Date: 24/06/2016 Authors : Grania Baird

The result of the EU Referendum announced on the morning of 24 June 2016 will bring about fundamental changes to the UK (some anticipated, some not) and will have a significant impact for financial institutions. Reactions to the vote have already been seen in the financial markets. From a legal...

The USGA's double bogey News - Briefing

Date: 23/06/2016 Authors : Tom Rudkin, David Morgan

Following the final round of last weekend's US Open at Oakmont Country Club, it would be fair to say that Dustin Johnson's first major championship was somewhat overshadowed by the USGA's approach to an alleged rule infringement early in his final round.

ADHD, teenage sex and discrimination News - Briefing

Date: 22/06/2016 Authors : Rachel Holmes

The Scottish court recently heard an appeal by the mother of a girl, M, who had ADHD and who was expelled after she was found having sex with a fellow pupil on a teacher's desk.

Mental health in schools News - Briefing

Date: 22/06/2016 Authors : Rachel Holmes

In March, the DfE updated its guidance on mental health and behaviour in schools, with schools saying that "this is a difficult area" and that they want to know what the evidence says, share approaches to supporting children at risk of developing mental health problems and be clear on their own a...

Term-time holidays – what does the law require? News - Briefing

Date: 22/06/2016 Authors : Rachel Holmes

Recently, the High Court had to decide whether a father who took his daughter (M) on holiday during term time – without obtaining authorisation from the school – had broken the law.

When is it reasonable to make late payment of PAYE and National Insurance Contributions? News - Briefing

Date: 22/06/2016 Authors : Rachel Holmes

In a recent case, the First Tier Tribunal (the FTT ) was asked to consider whether a charitable independent school had a reasonable excuse for late payment of monthly PAYE and NICs.  

FCA consults on clarifications for prospectus and periodic disclosures on securities financing transactions News - Briefing

Date: 21/06/2016 Authors : Rachel Lowe (née Watts)

The Regulation on transparency of securities financing transactions and of reuse (the Regulation) came into force on 12 January 2016 and applies in relation to securities financing transactions (SFTs) and total return swaps (TRSs).

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse: the UK debate, the Australian experience, and a different perspective from Germany News - Briefing

Date: 20/06/2016 Authors : Hugo Macklin

Recent cases of child abuse in the UK, for example the murder of Peter Connolly (known as “Baby P”), have shocked a public slowly waking up to the appalling nature and extent of such crimes. Much of the reaction in the media has centred on the missed opportunities to identify abuse and prevent it...

UK Universities and Brexit News - Briefing

Date: 14/06/2016 Authors : David Copping , Elizabeth Jones, Elena Hinchin

On 27 April we hosted a breakfast seminar for key contacts in the sector, focusing on the topic of Brexit and the legal ramifications for UK Universities of an "out" vote on 23 June.

The PSC register – what do Universities need to know? News - Briefing

Date: 14/06/2016 Authors : Elizabeth Jones

Registered companies must keep a Register of People with Significant Control ( PSC Register ).  This requirement was introduced on 6 April 2016 and applies to all UK companies and LLPs including charitable companies, community interest companies and trading subsidiaries of charities.  Royal Chart...

Open access to sporting stars medical data will bring change News - Briefing

Date: 14/06/2016 Authors : Julian Pike

This article was first published by Citywealth, r eproduced here with kind permission of the editor. Julian Pike discusses the success of the "Brand Beckham" concept and how UK athletes can protect their image. 

Are your insurers leading you in the right direction? News - Briefing

Date: 13/06/2016 Authors : William Charrington, Sally Mantell

Higher Education institutions face a unique set of challenges when it comes to risk management. Their landscapes of liability encompass a range of risks including health and safety, financial and business stability, discrimination claims and reputational integrity. Clearly it is good practice for...

Academic Freedom v Employment Rights - what you need to know to ensure best HR practice News - Briefing

Date: 13/06/2016 Authors : Kathleen Heycock, Jeremy Isaacson

Recent controversies have brought a renewed focus on the concept of academic freedom and the protections it offers for academics to enjoy wide discretion in what they say, how they conduct their work, what they publish, and who they can criticise.

Transparency - Companies within the UK's crown dependencies and overseas territories to be required to report persons with significant control News - Briefing

Date: 09/06/2016 Authors : Anthony Turner, Jessica Reed, Sarah Howell

From the beginning of April it became a requirement for UK companies and many other UK legal entities to maintain internal registers containing details of individuals or other entities with significant control over them (PSC registers). From 30 June 2016, this information will also need to be...

Inn the Field of Play - May 2016: Betting and Sport: A Questionable Marriage? News - Briefing

Date: 31/05/2016 Authors : Lindsay Cunningham, Owen O'Rorke

With sport having received such negative press in the months leading up to the first tennis Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open took the bold decision to name betting giant William Hill as one of the tournament’s official partners. As part of the deal, William Hill received extensive...

Charities, Terrorism and Radicalisation – might your organisation be caught by the Prevent Duty? News - Briefing

Date: 31/05/2016 Authors : Kathleen Heycock

The “Prevent Duty” is a new concept created under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.  In short, it requires certain “specified authorities” “ to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism ”.  The aim is to reduce the threat to the UK from terrorism by...

Information Matters: Europe - The Final Countdown News - Briefing

Date: 25/05/2016 Authors : Owen O'Rorke

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to take effect on 25 May 2018, precisely two years today. While the text is agreed, practitioners and organisations may now be forgiven for waiting to see how the national authorities interpret its effect - the UK Government, in the case of...

Tighter underwriting standards in the buy-to-let sector News - Briefing

Date: 24/05/2016 Authors : Katy Ruddell, Sarah Howell

Buy-to-let lenders should brace themselves for tighter controls on mortgage lending. The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) is proposing to introduce minimum standards firms should meet when underwriting buy-to-let mortgage contracts covering affordability testing, stress testing and more robu...

Contracting with promoters for outside events News - Briefing

Date: 23/05/2016 Authors : Jane Randell

This article was published in the Spring issue of Historic House: The Historic Houses Association Magazine and is reproduced by kind permission.

Information Matters: Unhealthy habits? Data protection and the NHS News - Briefing

Date: 19/05/2016 Authors : Alan Baker

The merry month of May has not, thus far, proved to be especially cheerful for the NHS in terms of its data handling, with a spate of news stories about privacy breaches and concerns about Google's access to patients' medical records following collaboration between the Royal Free NHS Trust and...

Supreme Court upholds press ban in celebrity threesome case News - Briefing

Date: 19/05/2016 Authors : Tom Rudkin

After much anticipation, the Supreme Court has flexed its muscles by making clear that the English legal system won’t be bullied by the media.  By a majority of 4 to 1, five Supreme Court Justices today overturned the decision of the Court of Appeal to discharge an injunction obtained by an...

Unmarried Parents: The Cost of Raising a Child News - Briefing

Date: 19/05/2016 Authors : Daisy Tarnowska

The financial provision available on divorce is well known and often the subject of media interest. It is rare for a week to go by without the national press reporting on the financial provision awarded in a salacious big money divorce. In contrast, the scope of financial provision available to...

A new method of resolving disputes regarding children News - Briefing

Date: 19/05/2016 Authors : Flora Harragin

The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) launched the Family Law Arbitration Scheme in early 2012.  The scheme created a new form of dispute resolution for family law disputes.  It enabled couples to appoint a chosen arbitrator to deal with their case and, importantly, impose a binding awar...

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