Client highlights

Positive resolution from complex disputes: the world’s highest-value divorce

Author: Jeremy Posnansky

Farrers has been advising offshore trustees in what has been described recently as “the world’s most expensive divorce”. One spouse is challenging the validity of transfers into a trust and also questioning whether they should be valued at the date of transfer, or based on the current value.

Hidden assets: protecting the Church Commissioners’ valuable minerals

Author: Simon Pring

Manorial minerals are mineral interests attached to the lordship of a manor. Since 1925, these rights have not needed to be registered at the Land Registry in order to bind the owner of the surface title (they have been ‘overriding interests’). However, from 12 October 2013, these rights will cease to override and must therefore be registered in order to be secure. If they are not registered, they risk being lost when title to the surface changes.

A landmark headquarters for WWF-UK

Date Posted: 20/04/2012

Author: Charles Anderson

Advising one of the UK’s leading charities on its headquarters project.

We are advising WWF-UK on the acquisition and development of a new site for the charity’s national headquarters. WWF-UK is seeking to develop a central Woking site to create a landmark building to reflect its mission and profile. We have advised on commercial property/development matters, charity governance and planning and construction/procurement issues.