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Livery companies

Its lawyers offer top-quality legal advice which is well thought through and straightforward, as well as being detailed. They try to simplify the complex legal issues.

Chambers UK

We act for a significant number of Livery Companies including members of the Great Twelve. It is a role we greatly value and we take pride in our long-standing relationships with the Companies' and their members, officers and advisers. Our long heritage of advising Livery Companies has given us an intimate knowledge of their history and role within the City and the wider community and an appreciation of their current concerns and future aims. Our Livery Companies' Group applies its specialist knowledge with a clear understanding of the institutions and their people.  Our role in this sector benefits from our status as leading specialists in charity, constitutional, property and education law. 

Matters on which we advise include:

  • Constitution: advising on charters and providing assistance with governance reviews
  • Property: investment and development including equity share leases, endowment and functional land, academy developments
  • Charity: the application of charity law to the Companies' traditional and more recent activities, consolidation and acquisition of charities, charity trusteeships, relationships between the Companies and foundations, trading subsidiaries and general charity issues including public benefit
  • Education: school constitutional issues, relationships between the Companies and their schools, employment issues, academies, federalisation, property development, overseas franchising and protection of intellectual property
  • Investment and financial services: investment management agreements
  • Pensions: pension structures and liabilities
  • Employment
  • Commercial Agreements: hiring of halls, supply agreements

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