Our environment

The Farrer Charitable Trust has continued to support over 70 cases, including providing matched funding for staff donations to the Haiti Relief Appeal.

We are committed to looking at ways in which we can reduce the adverse impacts of our business on the environment.  We monitor levels of use of finite resources, and aim to reduce these, year on year. We have identified a number of areas in which we believe we can gradually improve or lessen our impact on the environment including:

  • Waste management – our target is to reduce waste through increasing reuse and recycling
  • Energy consumption  - our target is to reduce energy consumption through our purchasing choices and our power saving systems for lighting, heating and IT usage, and travel policies
  • Sourcing and supply chain – we seek out suppliers who are locally based where possible and who operate environmentally friendly policies.

For more information about corporate responsibility at Farrer & Co, please call Richard Lane on +44 (0)20 3375 7000 or email richard.lane@farrer.co.uk.