Kate May

The fact that the firm supported me and gave me the resources I needed to get the qualification is fantastic.

Kate May
Human Resources Assistant

Kate May
Human Resources Assistant

From: Gravesend, Kent

What does your job involve?

I’m one of two HR Assistants in the Human Resources team, and I am responsible for looking after the payroll and benefits amongst other administrative duties. I also look after maternity cases alongside the HR Managers, this includes making sure that employees are aware of all the benefits and maternity pay scheme , so it’s quite a varied job.

Do you work directly with the lawyers? 

I am the main point of contact for benefits and payroll queries for all members of the firm, as well as any other general queries or requests, alongside the rest of the team.  I also work with a number of the fee earners and some business support staff on the Working Families and Flexible Futures Diversity sub-group, meeting regularly to discuss initiatives such as the Working Parent lunches.

I’m also a point of contact for any queries on how our people access some of our benefits such as the Wellwoman or Wellman screenings. Or if they need to contact our private medical provider. If an employee is going on maternity leave, then I’ll also be in contact to arrange paperwork and provide any support or assistance they may need.

What was your previous job?

I worked for a music licensing company, seeking clearance rights and negotiating fees for the copyright holder. After doing that for seven years, I wanted a change in career and an opportunity to study again. I saw this position come up, so applied.  I did a bit of research and found that Farrers had a very friendly, team-orientated approach, which made the transition of moving to a new firm and sector, much easier. 

What have you got out of your role?

Firstly enjoyment. I really like what I do. And secondly, I’ve received the support I wanted to get my CIPD [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development] qualification. The fact that the firm supported me and gave me the resources I needed to gain this qualification is fantastic. It’s really improved my career prospects.

What’s been the highlight of your time here so far?

Apart from studying towards my CIPD, I’ve implemented the firm’s suggestion scheme so employees put forward their suggestions and I manage this scheme, directing ideas to the relevant teams within the firm. I have to work closely with different teams which is nice as I get to know lots of our employees.