Nyla Yousuf, Associate

Farrers recognises that the future of the firm lies in building long-lasting relationships with the client.

Nyla Yousuf, Associate

From: Birmingham

University: Birmingham

Team: Banking & Financial Services

How would you describe your role?

I am a corporate insolvency lawyer within the Banking and Insolvency team. I predominantly act for lenders and accountants, advising insolvency practitioners on various issues arising on the insolvency of a company. 

What type of work is involved?

No two days are the same.  One day you may be advising directors of a company in financial distress, or reviewing a lender’s security documents and advising them as to how to enforce their security, and the next day you are advising an insolvency practitioner on the various issues arising out of trading an insolvent company. 

What do you get out of your work?

I love my job.  It is always reassuring to know that my clients feel that they can just pick up the phone and call me for my opinion or advice. Fostering that bond of trust is a fantastic feeling.

What’s the most important element of your work?

Understanding the needs of your client. The client not only expects you to know the law but also expects your advice to reflect the commercial reality of their business.

How do you deal with these situations on a personal level?

You must pay attention to detail and build a good rapport with the client in order to be able to provide them with the best possible advice.  At the end of the day everyone wants to work with a person they like and that is what makes the job so rewarding.