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A New Goods Mortgages Act - Refining the art of lending, or just a comfortable disturbance? News - Briefing

Date: 23/11/2017 Authors : Anisha Birk, Suzanne Conticelli, Bethan Waters

According to Banksy, "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable," and in this article, we consider whether the new Goods Mortgages Bill might be about to disturb the historically uncomfortable English law position relating to secured lending on art that remains “on the Borrower...

Yet more anti-avoidance rules for U.K. Property – budget 2017 News - Briefing

Date: 24/11/2017 Authors : Diana Davidson, Claire Randall

As we have come to expect, yet more anti-avoidance rules for U.K. Property were announced in Wednesday’s budget. The focus shifted from residential to commercial property to some extent but both were covered. Investment in U.K. land is becoming ever more complicated – not to mention expensive in...

Data protection law overhaul News - Briefing

Date: 23/11/2017 Authors : Ian De Freitas

This article was published in the Winter issue of Historic House: The Historic Houses Association Magazine and is reproduced by kind permission.

Office for Students News - Briefing

Date: 08/11/2017 Authors :

The government announced on 19 October 2017 that views are being sought from the sector on the proposals for a new approach to regulation in higher education.

The French Tribunal of Nanterre's Enforcement of the Royal Family's Right to Privacy News - Briefing

Date: 07/11/2017 Authors :

This week's Inside Reputation article has been provided by guest author Julie de Lassus Saint-Geniès, Avocat à la Cour and reputation management specialist in Paris.

Sexual Harassment – From Weinstein to Westminster: A Safeguarding Perspective News - Briefing

Date: 06/11/2017 Authors : David Smellie

With the media dominated by tales of sexual harassment and abuse in particular industries or places of power, there are a number of questions we are all asking ourselves. How widespread is this behaviour? Are acting and politics just the tip of the iceberg? What has made these professions...

Ensuring a smooth sale News - Briefing

Date: 01/11/2017 Authors : Anthony Turner, Adam Carvalho TEP

This article was first published in Trusts and Estates Law & Tax Journal (November 2017) and is available on .

Vice-Chancellor Pay News - Briefing

Date: 01/11/2017 Authors : Kathleen Heycock

Those in the higher education sector are unlikely to have missed recent press scrutiny over Vice-Chancellor pay.  The salaries of those at the very top of our academic institutions are, not for the first time, firmly in the public spotlight.

Should students be taken out of the annual net migration statistics? News - Briefing

Date: 01/11/2017 Authors : Lee Jackson

There has been increasing pressure in recent months for students to be removed from the annual net migration statistics.  Cabinet ministers including Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox have all called for students to be taken out of the migration statistics.  In April 2017, the Education...

Inn the Field of Play – October 2017: Esports – a Future for Sport? News - Briefing

Date: 31/10/2017 Authors : Sally Mantell

What do a Major League baseball team and a team of video gamers have in common? A few years ago, the answer would not have been obvious. But in an increasingly common development for a sports club, the New York Yankees have become the latest to enter the world of esports. Taking to Twitter, the...

FCA opens new Asset Management Authorisation Hub News - Briefing

Date: 30/10/2017 Authors : Andy Peterkin, Katjana Cleasby

On the 16th of October, the FCA launched their new Asset Management Authorisation Hub (the Hub ). This is the first phase of an online portal designed to assist asset managers throughout the authorisation process. The Hub contains information on each stage of the authorisation process as well as...

How will the General Data Protection Regulation Impact the Art Sector? News - Briefing

Date: 20/10/2017 Authors : Ian De Freitas

The EU General Data Protection Regulation represents the biggest change in European data privacy laws in twenty years. The purpose of this article is to explain in very straightforward terms what GDPR means for galleries and auction houses and the steps that the sector needs to take to be ready b...

Charity Commission guidance: "Grant funding an organisation that isn't a charity" News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Laetitia Ransley

The Charity Commission has issued a revised (and now presumably final) version of its guidance on Grant funding an organisation that isn’t a charity .

Charity Commission launches its 2017 annual return service and begins consulting on next year's annual return News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Rachel Holmes

All charities with an annual income of over £10,000 must submit an annual return to the Commission. (The exception to this is CIOs: all CIOs must submit an annual return, regardless of their income.) The return must usually be sent within 10 months of the end of their financial year; the amount o...

Changes to the rules on People with Significant Control News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Elizabeth Jones

The Information about People with Significant Control (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (the Regulations ) came into force on 26 June 2017. The Regulations make minor changes to and extend the scope of the legislation requiring companies to keep a register of People with Significant Control ( PSCs ) a...

Is bridge a sport for VAT purposes? News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : James Maloney, Rachel Holmes

Until eleven years ago, the advancement of amateur sport was only charitable in legal terms if the sport in question involved physical exertion (or if it was allied with another charitable purpose like education). The Charities Act 2006 expanded the range of sports that could be charitable in law...

Charity Governance Code News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Rachel Holmes

The Governance Code steering group has now published the final version of the updated Code. Or, rather, it has published two versions: one for "larger" charities (defined as having an annual income of over £1m and required to have its accounts audited), and one for smaller charities. In both, the...

Building in "interesting times": how to manage construction insolvency News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Edward Banyard Smith 

Undertaking construction can be challenging, even at the best of economic times. Because of the natural complexity of the construction process, building projects are inherently prone to risks: risk of delays, risk of unexpected additional cost and risk of design failure. To some degree, modern...

Suspension: not such a neutral act? News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Alice Cave

The recent case of Agoreyo v London Borough of Lambeth highlights the need for schools to think carefully before suspending an employee who is the subject of disciplinary allegations, and not just do so automatically. This is the case even where the allegations against the employee are extremely...

Cyber security for charities: a cause for concern? News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Owen O'Rorke, Sam Talbot Rice

The charity sector’s main concern around GDPR (the data protection regulation that comes into effect on 25 May 2018) has to date concerned fundraising practices. However, with a regular flow of stories in the media about data breaches, cyber attacks and hacking it is hard for anyone to ignore cyb...

Trustee remuneration and members' duties – implications of a recent court decision News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Philip Reed, Rachel Holmes

In the recent case of The Children's Investment Fund Foundation (UK) v Attorney General and others, the High Court had to decide whether to approve the making of a grant of US$360m (the Grant ) by The Children's Investment Fund Foundation ( CIFF ) to another charity, Big Win Philanthropy ( BWP )....

Changes to the Fundraising Code of Practice News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : James Maloney, Rachel Holmes

In February 2017, the Fundraising Regulator (the Regulator) opened a consultation on proposed amendments to the Fundraising Code of Practice (the Code). As we wrote in an article published in March , the Regulator was not proposing a comprehensive overhaul of the Code; rather, it was consulting o...

Buying or selling a school: where to begin? News - Briefing

Date: 19/10/2017 Authors : Emily Jamieson

The recent influx of instructions we have received on the sale or purchase of schools appears to reflect a strong period for M&A in the education sector as a whole. This includes not just schools but also nurseries, higher education establishments and education and training based businesses. The...

Europe focuses on FinTech News - Briefing

Date: 18/10/2017 Authors : Andy Peterkin, Fiona Lowrie, Rachel Lowe

The European Commission has turned its regulatory searchlight on the FinTech industry. In a series of pronouncements made last month, it is clear that we can expect significantly more regulatory input in this area from Europe. As London is the leading FinTech hub in Europe, the effects of any...

Managing Reputations Through the Weinstein Wreckage News - Briefing

Date: 16/10/2017 Authors : Julian Pike

Very occasionally we witness the extraordinary unravelling of an individual or company reputation from which there is simply no return. Common features include: that events are completely unpredictable (at least from the outside); they invariably stem from a cultural falling which may be many yea...

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