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Effective Governance

Effective Governance

Public trust and shareholder value are not mutually exclusive. Find out how Farrer & Co can help effective governance work for your organisation and those it relies on.

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At its core, governance is all about running your organisation properly, and achieving your goals with the minimum of conflict or delay.

In a rapidly changing world disrupted by technology, new market entrants and changing consumer behaviour and attitudes around sustainability and transparency, there are many new rules and codes of governance in play. Knowing whether they contain legal obligations or best practice guidance and how they fit together can be a challenge.

Additionally, more so than ever before, governance influences trust. Whether this be in terms of public perception, shareholder confidence or both, reputation is more important than ever.

We assist a wide range of organisations with all aspects of governance, from charities, to sports organisations, to businesses. Our capabilities also extend to advising individual directors on their entry to and exit from an organisation, by advising them in relation to any personal duties. Our advisers look to our clients’ activities both in the UK and overseas to ensure full compliance.

Across the firm, one of our key attributes is attention to detail, and nowhere is this applied more rigorously than in the area of governance. Here, our knowledge, experience, understanding and reliability combine to create compliant, transparent, sustainable and where appropriate profitable governance structures to the benefit of all.

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