In a complex and increasingly fraught area of the law one looks for calm lawyers who know what they are talking about and appreciate that keeping children safe is as much about culture as it is ticking regulatory boxes. This has been my experience of the Farrers team.

Jonathan Laidlaw QC

Tragedies such as Victoria Climbié, Soham, Baby P and Rotherham, and the Savile scandal, shocked us all and have highlighted the need for organisations to safeguard themselves and protect children from risks.

Our Safeguarding Unit guides and advises organisations either working or coming into contact with children or adults with care and support needs. For us, that means schools and academies, nurseries and day care, higher education charities, museums and visitor attractions, government and local government, sports clubs and organisations, youth organisations, summer schools, travel operators, the media and entertainment industries, the medical sector, and indeed any organisation which provides work experience or is involved in mentoring or charitable activities.

Some of these sectors are already subject to regulation on a par with schools and will have developed procedures and practices to help ensure the safety of children in their care. Others such as sports organisations are subject to very little regulation and their systems may be less developed.

Our approach is to take best practice and apply it to any organisation charged with the occasional or full time care.

Our experience includes acting as Solicitors to the Independent Review led by Hugh Davies QC into the criminal conduct of William Vahey , illustrates our ability to draw together legislation and best practice and apply it in an organisational setting with a view to implementing change.   

How we help our clients: 

  • Policy and procedure implementation
  • Safeguarding/child protection audits, investigations and reviews
  •  Handling current and historic child protection concerns
  • Crisis management
  • Regulatory issues such as inspections,investigations and developments
  • Governance structures for safeguarding/child protection
  • Due diligence on mergers and acquisitions

We will also provide tailored training on any of the above.

Over the years we have worked with many leading professionals in the area of safeguarding, from PR professionals to psychologists, from school inspectors to social workers, from the Metropolitan Police to the FBI. Wherever possible and appropriate, we can introduce organisations to the professional expertise in this area which they require, or introduce them to the relevant regulator or statutory body to whom they should be turning for advice or referring a concern. We see working alongside highly trained professionals in this area as essential to providing organisations with the all-round expertise which they need.

If you would like further details on the scope of work which the Safeguarding Unit offers, or if you require advice, please contact any member of the Safeguarding Unit.

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