“I would rate the client-service highly and they are strong in international private client matters.”

 The team is highly technical but they are able to communicate their knowledge and provide practical advice that we can implement and follow."

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Tax presents itself at every turn of business and private life and when it does we are there to help.  Our specialist tax team advises on all aspects of personal and corporate tax, including inward investment into the UK and reaching out of the UK to invest elsewhere.  Working with our colleagues in the transactional teams, we handle the tax issues that arise in the course of commercial deals and, if you find yourself disagreeing with HMRC over their view of your tax treatment, we can provide the specialist input to fight your case.

So we can help you manage the tax angle as well as the commercial and personal aspects whether you are:

  • Planning to take up residence in, leaving or returning to, the UK
  • Buying a property
  • Contemplating a new personal or professional project
  • Investing in a business in the UK or elsewhere
  • Taking up or leaving employment
  • In dispute with the Revenue

Because tax touches upon everything our clients do, the tax team works with all of our clients at one time or another, helping across a huge range of different business and personal enterprise.  

As you would expect, we have experience of all the taxes that might be relevant: income tax, corporation tax, value added tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty land tax.  Whether the project is a major real estate development or a plan to import goods from China, the tax team is ready to provide the right specialist advice.

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