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Sources praise the team’s expertise in charity law and appreciate its very thoughtful and considered advice.

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As one of the UK’s leading practices for charity law, we have an enviable reputation within the legal industry for our specialist knowledge and experience. This stems from many years of being at the forefront of the sector and advising over 400 charity clients.

Charities can adopt a variety of legal structures, from the straightforward companies limited by guarantee and trusts to the less common Royal Charters and industrial and provident societies.  We are experienced in all of these structures (we were also closely involved in the preparatory work for the new CIO - Charitable Incorporated Organisation) and so are well able to advise how charity law, and the principles which underpin it, apply to each.

As so much of charity law is based on principles developed over the years rather than statute or case law, its practice demands a level of insight but also offers scope for creativity that not many other areas of law require or permit.

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