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This incredibly well-established team has a loyal client base and is viewed as one of the bastions of the sector.

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Our approach to all areas of charity law is one of building close relationships and meeting our clients’ specific needs. This is particularly appropriate in the area of trustees’ responsibilities and liabilities where the question of whether a course of action is permissible or appropriate depends on a range of factors including the law but also the circumstances of the charity at that time. 

Many trustees have little or no experience of the difficult issues they may face as trustees (such as handling difficult meetings, elections and disputes, where relationships or arrangements break down). Of course, issues such as these need to be resolved sensitively and, if possible, quickly.  We have a great deal of experience handling these sorts of situations and of working to tight deadlines and at short notice to help you bring these matters to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.

We have long had a reputation for sensitively but robustly handling Charity Commission inquiries and investigations.  We understand that at times like this charity trustees can feel at their most exposed - they are non-executives, dealing with their responsibilities to the charity on top of their ordinary lives - and we endeavour to go that extra mile to be supportive and to make the process as painless as is possible in the circumstances.

We understand that many trustees just do not have the time to download vast quantities of Charity Commission guidance and so we run a trustee training programme, as well as a series of bespoke training sessions. These initiatives have been extremely successful in helping our clients become more self-sufficient in terms of compliance, with their legal costs significantly reduced. 

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