Their legal analysis and attention to detail were exemplary; they were thoroughly commercial in their approach and always kept a keen eye on the big picture.

Chambers UK 2014

We have extensive experience of conducting domestic and international arbitrations – both ‘ad hoc’ or governed by the rules of institutions such as the LCIA and the ICC.

Most are triggered by arbitration clauses in agreements between commercial partners.  We offer early tactical advice about whether those clauses are susceptible to challenge.  In cross-border cases, we take advantage of our strong relationships with a network of foreign lawyers to ensure that our advice reflects the impact of local law on the arbitrability of a dispute.

If the case for arbitration is not a foregone conclusion, we provide clear guidance about the advantages and disadvantages of the process.  We tailor that guidance to reflect your particular concerns and objectives, and to help you determine whether your interests are best served by arbitration or another form of dispute resolution. 

Many arbitration clauses allow some scope for the parties to adapt the process to take account of the demands of the dispute.  We will work to negotiate a bespoke procedure which reflects your priorities in relation to issues such as disclosure, costs and speed.

Our advice about forum and process is, of course, coupled with a clear and detailed analysis of the merits of your case.  Your objectives are at the centre of our approach, and we will work with you to devise a strategy which will achieve them as efficiently as possible – whether through a successful arbitration or earlier resolution.

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