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Tribunal statistics - the fall continues...

The Ministry of Justice has published its statistics for employment tribunals for April to June 2014.

They reveal a 71% drop in claims (70% in single claims) compared with the same period in 2013. 

Even more startlingly, single claims are down a third on the last quarter.  There is some speculation that this may be connected with the introduction of ACAS early conciliation, compulsory from May this year - but one would query whether this alone explains the further drop, given that it only really affected the latter part of the period.  Of the cases heard, 62% of claimants were successful.

Meanwhile, we are still trying to decode Labour’s rather Delphic pronouncements on the tribunal system and fee regime earlier in the week.  The basic message seems to be there will (probably) be change, but we’re not sure when, what or how.  In the interim, the next quarter’s statistics should demonstrate more clearly the impact of early conciliation coupled with the continuing effect of the fee regime - reports suggest that ACAS is deluged with EC work, so we should get an idea of the success of the new system over the next few months.

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