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When you hear the word 'divorce', court battles may spring immediately to mind.  In fact, the majority of separated spouses are able to come to an agreement and there are various means of achieving this.

One way is to resolve matters is through negotiations between solicitors either in correspondence or in what are referred to as ‘round-table’ meetings. Once an agreement is reached, it will be signed and submitted to the court for approval, without you having to attend court.

Another option is mediation.  An impartial mediator will meet with you and your spouse together to help you reach an agreement.  For more information about mediation and our mediation service please click here.  You can also access our mediation brochure here.  We also offer Mediation Information and Assessment meetings (MIAMs).

Collaborative law is a method by which parties and their lawyers commit to working together co-operatively to reach a fair solution without the court's involvement.  For more information on collaborative law and on our collaborative lawyers, please click here.

Finally parties can agree to appoint an arbitrator who will then make a binding ruling on the issues concerned. For more information on arbitration please click here

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