Farrer & Co is a main player in the field of family law, having done some excellent work ... the practice is praised for its high level of expertise and experience.

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Our mediators are trained to help resolve all issues that may face separating couples.  Mediation can be used effectively to achieve agreement on how assets should be divided, and to agree the arrangements for children on separation, but can also be used to resolve anything else that you wish to include.

You and your partner would meet with a neutral mediator who would assist you to discuss the issues between you so that you can work towards reaching an agreement that is acceptable to both of you.  It is cheaper than the court process and as it encourages communication, you are much more likely to stay on good terms with one another.

We have four specialist legally trained family mediators who offer a wealth and variety of experience in family law. We also conduct Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs).  For more information on MIAMs, the benefits of mediation and on our specialist mediators, please see our mediation brochure or contact Annmarie Carvalho on 0203 375 7000.  

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