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Louise Bralsford

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St Anne’s College, Oxford

Louise provides a broad range of financial services advice to a variety of clients.  She primarily advises fund managers, authorised funds, unregulated funds, charitable funds and private banks. 

Louise has particular expertise in the regulatory regime for UK regulated funds and structures used for charitable investment including charities, trusts and other corporate or hybrid entities.  Her work for private banks includes both ongoing advice on the ever-changing regulatory requirements for financial institutions, and Louise also works closely with the corporate and private client teams on acquisitions and larger projects with a financial regulation element.

Louise is increasingly providing legal support for wealth managers and other financial service providers engaging with clients more holistically, helping on the range of legal and regulatory challenges they face. She also advises in relation to the growing use of technology in the financial services sector, both in relation to the infrastructure used by participants as well as methods of distribution.

Other wider areas of interest on which Louise has written and advised are the implications of an increasingly tax-transparent global regulatory regime and the impact on the financial services industry as Britain navigates its departure from the EU.

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