Paul Lovegrove

We’re currently in the middle of one of the biggest IT projects Farrers has ever seen.

Paul Lovegrove, IT Infrastructure Operations Analyst

Paul Lovegrove
IT Infrastructure Operations Analyst

From: Chelmsford, Essex
University: De Montfort University, Leicester.

What does your role involve?

I’m part of the team that manages the network infrastructure within the firm. So that would be all the PCs, the software that’s on the PCs and the servers that run that software. It’s a varied role in that we could be doing general maintenance one day and – as we are currently – be in the middle of one of the biggest IT projects Farrers has ever seen: completely reconfiguring and renewing all the network hardware.

What’s the difference between working for a law firm and a commercial company?

One of the differences is in the type of applications the computers are running, which are specific to law firms. Also, you’re helping a vast range of people that require different services and help. You’re not just helping fee earners, you’re helping secretaries and the teams that support those fee earners. I’ve also just completed some work which is client-based – helping them with an IT issue. So I occasionally deal with clients as well.

How big an issue is security?

Very big. We have a lot of files such as case information that have to be kept securely, and our documents are required by law to be backed up. Any information that’s provided by a client, electronically or paper-based, is kept securely either off site or on a server  where access is centrally controlled . Each file is secured under a unique client code and only certain people can  access  that code.

Was working at Farrers how you imagined it?

Not at all. I had this impression that it would be very stuffy and the people would be very stand-offish. But within minutes of me starting here, that impression was gone. It’s a firm built on a friendly manner. There are a lot of characters here and all those characters will treat you as an equal, rather than someone who’s there just to fix their computer. Everyone is really down to earth and approachable.