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Disputes involving trusts, wills and estates are a growing fact of life and require careful and expert handling. Our Trust, Wills and Estates Disputes team has for many years been delivering a wide range of dispute services to high net worth families and those involved with the fiduciary wealth holding structures commonly created by and for such families. 

We are experienced in giving advice designed to avoid disputes, in stress testing structures, and in structuring to minimise litigation risk.   We are also experienced in handling disputes when they arise.  We seek to provide pragmatic, cost-effective and consensual outcomes.  Where consensual outcomes are not possible, we are experienced in handling all aspects of the litigation process, frequently in multiple jurisdictions involving complex issues and a large dataset of documents.  We work closely with colleagues in our Private Client, Charities, Tax and Family law teams to ensure that we provide a seamless and holistic service.

Our team has been ranked in the top tier by legal commentators for many years and is widely recognised as a market leader.

International Reach

Much of our work involves international assets, wealth structures and, of course, overseas courts.  We know and have worked with the best lawyers, counsel and intermediaries in all relevant jurisdictions.

A brilliant team, led by partners who are at the top of their game and stocked with high-quality associates. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. Reliable, hardworking, and a high-quality work product. All done by people who have the ‘human touch’ and are capable of having a laugh with.

Legal 500

A Lasting Legacy

Will disputes are on the rise and mental capacity is an ever growing issue. Is it time for the law to be modernised as the landscape shifts? In this campaign we examine the spectrum of mental health issues, cognitive disorders, and other factors that impact the ability to make a will and explore the tension between protecting the vulnerable and empowering them to make decisions about their own life and assets.

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