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Whether you already have a family office, or you are planning to establish one, we provide deep expertise across every area of your operation. Our advice is delivered with the broadest possible perspective and always with an eye to helping plan for the longest term.

Many families are longstanding clients of the firm and have valued our advice across the generations. We work with family members to offer expert assistance and advice, tailored to each individual family, and based on our long experience. 

We combine a peerless reputation for the traditional values of exceptional client service, with the cutting-edge advisory expertise required by every modern family office.

Each family office has a different remit, scope and working arrangements. We understand this and our lawyers work practically and flexibly to deliver bespoke legal services to each family office we advise. We understand how family offices work and how they like legal services to be provided to them.

We advise families on complex governance issues, including structures for ownership and decision-making, and succession planning. We understand that families are increasingly international, with assets, interests and investments spread across the globe. We are not tied to a particular legal network, so we have the flexibility to recommend the most appropriate lawyer for each client in each jurisdiction. We work collaboratively with the family’s existing advisers.

We advise in relation to family assets and investments (often including a family business) helping our clients to plan ahead in order to protect and enhance family wealth for the next generation, and handle logistical challenges, like staffing and international moves. We also support families and family offices in making direct investments, whether acquiring large companies and real estate or alternative assets, such as art or aircraft. We apply the same level of critical commercial focus to our transactions for families as we would to any corporate deal.

We can support and advise families through everything from pre-nuptial agreements  through to divorce and contact arrangements, and complex international probates. We also advise on tax and immigration. Our cyber security and reputation management experts support families who are looking to preserve their reputation in a world of social media and transparency.

We are privileged to advise some of the most successful and dynamic family offices and families in the world. Our clients know they can call on us for expert, trusted and practical  advice at every major milestone.

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