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At Farrer & Co, legal professionals from across our specialist teams combine legal expertise with industry knowledge to bring both transactional and advisory support to our business clients who are active in the energy and renewables sectors.

Our work in the energy & renewables sector

Our clients include investors, operators, debt providers and landowners. Our expertise covers:

  • Initial structuring for the establishment of solar and wind farms and biogas generators,
  • Taking on investment,
  • Raising debt finance,
  • Joint ventures between operators and landowners, and
  • Advice on the disposal or purchase of interests in energy or infrastructure projects.

We also work with our clients to resolve disputes when they arise. The cases we work on are as diverse as the clients we serve, and our agile, expert, and partner-led teams give us the edge.

Our approach

We understand that renewables projects require a tailored approach. At Farrers, we create bespoke teams with the necessary expertise to get the job done. By combining partner level oversight with the use of appropriate assistants, we can ensure work is allocated at the right level so that it is done swiftly and cost effectively.


Recent client highlights include advising on:

  • The option and lease for a 50MW 200 acre solar farm with sophisticated JV structures and tax planning.
  • The option and Lease for a hybrid 9 Turbine wind, solar and off-grid battery project.
  • The lease of an AD Plant to JV vehicle. The plant creates 850 cu m/hr of biogas and 10MW per day.
  • Establishing a JV vehicle for the UK's first biomethane-to-grid digester plant and subsequent sale on behalf of our nationally significant landowner client.
  • The corporate acquisition of four wind turbine sites for a European investment fund.
  • A project agreement for the design, construction and operation of a 1,800kw CHP turbine at a national museum.
  • A power purchase arrangement and hydroelectric scheme on the river Thames.
  • Implementing green leases and sustainability measures across the portfolios of ESG-led property investors.
  • Advising on the acquisition of sites for the development of data centres in the south-east of England.
  • Advising ESG-led property investors on implementing green leases and sustainability measures across their portfolios.
  • A multi-party and high-value fraud concerning the establishment of an oil refinery.
  • An arbitration concerning a series of disputes that arose during the commissioning of a flagship renewables project.
  • A large-scale and complex dispute with a series of independent power producers.
  • A series of related arbitrations flowing from the interruption of an oil rig construction project caused by Covid-19.
  • A multimillion-dollar fraud concerning the construction of a state-owned oil rig.

Our transactional services

  • Renewable energy project development: Farrer & Co advises on renewable energy project development for UK and international investors and asset owners. From inception to project completion, we provide legal advice on project structuring (including tax structuring advice), financing, regulatory compliance, and contract negotiation
  • Investment and M&A: In the dynamic energy sector we advise clients on and strategic partnerships. We act on equity and debt fundraisings, direct investment into energy projects, structuring for real estate funds investing in renewables and the sale of sites to operators or the sale or investment into fully completed energy projects.
  • Energy finance: Financing energy projects, including renewables, requires an in-depth understanding of the sector’s legal and financial landscapes. We advise clients on various debt financing arrangements, assisting them in navigating complex structures, many of which involve tax incentives, grants, and subsidies, to ensure they have the financial resources available to meet their objectives.

Our advisory services

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and offtake arrangements: Our specialists advise on the structuring and negotiating of Power Purchase Agreements and other offtake arrangements. Our team understands the intricacies of renewable energy contracts, working to secure favourable terms that facilitate project financing and long-term success.
  • Innovation and technology integration: Embracing innovation is critical in the energy sector. Farrer & Co advises clients on the legal aspects of integrating energy focussed technologies into their businesses, long term supply chain contracts, asset management agreements and day to day maintenance contracts to ensure our clients are supported in order to stay at the forefront of industry advancements and to capitalise on opportunities.
  • Working with landowners: Working on renewables projects for landowners requires a familiarity with the changing subsidy regimes and an understanding of how the new environmental schemes work, including key players and industry-specific terminology. It also requires a thorough knowledge of agricultural and natural capital law. Beyond this, we advise on planning and section 106 agreements, obtaining vacant possession from tenants in tight timescales, construction and design issues, minerals law and complex tax and estate planning.

Our dispute and regulatory services

  • Disputes: We specialise in resolving disputes across the energy and renewables sectors. Our clients include downstream and upstream companies, logistics firms, investors, and national governments. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of issues, from breach of contract and fraud to complications with charterparties to challenges related to installation, maintenance, and defects. Much of our work involves cross-border legal concerns
  • Regulatory compliance: Navigating the regulatory landscape is a cornerstone of our services in the energy and renewables sectors. We guide clients through energy regulation in the UK alongside the planning and environmental approval processes, ensuring compliance with local standards. Our expertise helps clients mitigate their operating risks and maintain a sustainable and responsible business approach.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance: We help clients comply with ESG regulations and standards. Our legal advice enables our clients to adopt and monitor environmentally responsible practices, protecting their corporate reputation and meeting the expectations of sustainable investors.

How can we help?

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