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Trusts provide flexible and effective solutions for a wide range of wealth and succession planning needs as well as for family and business requirements. However, the landscape in which they operate is ever changing and increasingly complex. The assets they hold are diverse, tax legislation and reporting obligations have changed significantly, and the litigious world in which we now live have led to increasing attacks on trusts and trustees by beneficiaries and third parties.

Our breadth of expertise, combined with our established international and domestic relationships in the sector, have equipped us not only with a unique understanding of these evolving challenges but with the ability to provide high quality advice in an integrated, comprehensive and cost-effective manner tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We advise settlors, beneficiaries, trustees and other fiduciaries (such as protectors and enforcers) on all aspects of trusts including the creation, use and variation of trusts in the leading international jurisdictions. We are recognised as leading advisers in this sector, with our specialists regarded as among the very best in the world for tax, structuring and contentious trusts work. Our trustee clients value the fact that our teams blend high quality specialist expertise in every area where they may need assistance - on issues ranging from corporate and property law to tax law, disputes and reputation management.

Although the work we undertake in this sector is frequently cross-border, complex, and technical, we are recognised for achieving our clients goals in a commercial and practical manner and for putting our clients’ interests at the forefront of everything we do.

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