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At Farrer & Co we pride ourselves on our ability to bring our collective experience – experience which has been earned through working with families over many generations while looking after their national and international assets – to create strategic and practical solutions to the issues which clients face whether it is in relation to

  • Wills and succession planning
  • Trusts
  • Probate and the administration of estates
  • Tax, tax risk and tax planning
  • Immigration
  • Dealing with mental incapacity/capacity related issues
  • Contentious family or probate disputes
  • The structuring of art, heritage, cultural or other unique assets, and
  • Wealth preservation more generally.

Whatever your background you can be assured that our talented lawyers have both in-depth sector knowledge and experience of the issues which clients face daily and have the skills and understanding which enables them to provide pragmatic and strategic advice to help you address any or all of these concerns.

Wills & Succession Planning

For generations we have been applying our experience to help clients prepare wills, structure succession and plan for the tax and regulatory issues which impact on those decisions. We help people provide certainty for their families, their businesses, their treasured heritage and other unique assets in a knowledgeable and insightful and empathetic way.

Our Team has an in-depth knowledge of the local and international laws and regulations which apply to the business sectors, heritage and other unique assets which our clients typically own and which raise issues which will vary enormously depending on whether they own a landed estate, a family business or are involved in the entertainment or sports sectors.

We are specialists who deal with the needs of the modern and often internationally mobile family – those which don't necessarily conform to a norm - but who will always need structured tax and succession advice. We guide them through the range of tax, regulatory, family law and other issues which may arise in planning for and passing wealth between the generations.

Many of our Team are actively involved whether as trustees, non-executive directors or in industry specific professional bodies, and we are able to provide practical advice and watch and anticipate future developments in the law and policy and bring all of that collective knowledge to provide strategic and insightful guidance.

For further information, please see - 'Why make a Will?' briefing

Probate & Estate Administration

As leading probate lawyers, we offer extensive technical expertise together with a sympathetic understanding of the practical issues and family tensions which can surface. We provide strategic, tailored advice to achieve tax efficient succession, with particular expertise in dealing with

  • Post-death variations
  • Landed estates
  • Business and agricultural property relief
  • Heritage assets and reliefs, conditional exemption and offers in lieu of tax
  • Unusual asset types and holding structures
  • Cross-border estates, for both UK domiciled and non-domiciled individuals
  • Conflicts of law and joined up tax advice where more than one jurisdiction is involved, and
  • Intestacy.

The death of an individual often means important changes in family businesses, partnerships or trusts. We draw on a depth of knowledge from across the firm to ensure family businesses and existing wealth management structures continue to run as smoothly as possible at this sensitive time.

Many of the estates we handle have an international dimension and we are familiar with the intricacies of applying for an English grant of representation of foreign wills or intestacy and of realising overseas assets of a UK-based testator, working with a network of trusted foreign lawyers to deliver a seamless service.

When problems arise that cannot readily be resolved, we can offer practical solutions to either the executors or individual beneficiaries. We work with clients to achieve pragmatic and proportionate outcomes in contentious matters including where a will is contested or a claim made against the estate.

For more information on our pricing structure click here.

For further information, please see 'Probate: steps in the administration of an estate' briefing


We have an international reputation as lawyers who can advise on all aspects of trust law including the creation, use and variation of trusts for all types of clients ranging from the private individual, the corporate and the charity to complex international families.

Over time, we have garnered significant experience and expertise in acting for a wide range of settlors, trustees, protectors, beneficiaries and corporate trustees or charities. We help them to create and operate the structures which best suits their strategic aims, taking into account both tax and succession issues and incorporating all types of assets including shares, investments, land, art, heirlooms or copyright and other forms of intellectual property.

Flexible Solutions

Trusts can provide flexible solutions for a wide range of wealth planning, family or business requirements and can be used to hold all types of asset including investements, land, quoted and unquoted investments, trading businesses and intellectual property. To maximise those solutions, we work closely with many trustees advising on

  • Trustees powers and duties
  • The tax planning issues which arise
  • Helping beneficiaries to undertand their position, and
  • The winding up of trust arrangements. 

For further information, please see 'An introduction to trusts' briefing


With an ageing demographic and increasing life expectancy, we increasingly see the very real issues which can arise in terms of the impaired capacity of family members, business directors or those with whom professionals work.

At Farrer & Co we have a specialist team who are adept at providing advice to individuals, investment advisers and financial services providers who from time to time face the consequences of dealing with the issues which impaired capacity can present. We routinely prepare and provide advice regarding the creation of Lasting Powers of Attorney and at the same time give advice to the attorneys who help affected individuals on the use of the powers they have been given.

We are experts at making applications to the Court of Protection and have a wealth of experience in helping investment advisors, financial services providers and other professionals in dealing with the ramifications of lost or impaired capacity bringing our skills and empathy to address those issues promptly and strategically.

For further information, please see 'Lasting Powers of Attorney' briefing

Tax Planning & Risk

With both the global and domestic landscape of tax, tax planning and compliance becoming ever more complex and the reputational risk and penalty regime ever more burdensome we at Farrer & Co can offer

  • Experienced cross-border tax specialists
  • A dedicated Tax team
  • An international network of pre-eminent law firms, and
  • A team who can help with reputational management.

We can bring all of these disciplines  to focus on developing a business plan and personal goals, reflecting both local and international tax law and allowing our clients to be confident in the knowledge that our transactional and advisory tax team are there to help, and to devise a plan that meet their strategic goals.

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