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We have an international reputation as experienced trust lawyers who can advise on all aspects of trust law including the creation, use and variation of trusts for all types of clients ranging from the private individual, the corporate and the charity to complex international families.

Trusts expertise

Over time, we have garnered significant experience and expertise in acting for a wide range of settlors, trustees, protectors, beneficiaries and corporate trustees or charities. We help them to create and operate the structures which best suits their strategic aims, taking into account both tax and succession issues and incorporating all types of assets including shares, investments, land, art, heirlooms or copyright and other forms of intellectual property.

Flexible solutions for wealth planning

Trusts can provide flexible solutions for a wide range of wealth planning, family or business requirements and can be used to hold all types of asset including investments, land, quoted and unquoted investments, trading businesses and intellectual property. To maximise those solutions, we work closely with many trustees advising on

  • Trustees powers and duties
  • The tax planning issues which arise
  • Helping beneficiaries to understand their position, and
  • The winding up of trust arrangements. 

A Lasting Legacy

Will disputes are on the rise and mental capacity is an ever growing issue. Is it time for the law to be modernised as the landscape shifts? In this campaign we examine the spectrum of mental health issues, cognitive disorders, and other factors that impact the ability to make a will and explore the tension between protecting the vulnerable and empowering them to make decisions about their own life and assets.

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