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We have been looking after the interests of wealthy individuals and families from around the world for many generations. They trust us to work with them, and their teams of advisers, to help them plan ahead and manage their affairs successfully across home, family and business. In times of crisis or dispute, they rely on our expertise, sensitivity and discretion to secure the outcomes that are best for them in the long term.

Our clients are interesting and diverse. They may be individuals or families with substantial assets of all types ranging from commercial property and investment portfolios, to classic cars, yachts and art collections. Their business interests touch on every sector. We are regularly asked to advise on some of the most complex trust disputes, high value tax questions, sensitive reputational issues and largest divorce cases. Our relationships often extend over decades. They are rooted in the quality of our work, but they endure because clients recognise the care and thought behind the professional advice we provide.

Our experts are here for you when you are planning ahead to manage the risks associated with large scale change: political or economic upheaval, updates to taxation regimes, or new compliance requirements around transparency. We are also on hand for the shifts that happen closer to home, whether you are restructuring a family business or making arrangements for dependents. We have an unparalleled reputation in family and private client law, trust disputes, immigration law, property and reputation management, giving us a broad perspective and the ability to think strategically about the issues you are dealing with. Unlike many other firms in the field, our knowledge and expertise extend into areas including corporate law, commercial property, charity and employment, and we are often asked to support clients around opportunities linked to their business interests, exploring new philanthropic ventures and on issues with domestic employees or contractors.

We understand that with substantial wealth and complex needs, modern clients retain a range of advisers including accountants, bankers, investment managers and non-UK lawyers. Successful collaboration is vital and we enjoy working as part of a team to make sure our clients achieve the results they want.

Increasingly, we find clients look to us for introductions to other professionals they can trust – whether in financial services or beyond. We regularly assist with connections to our London, national and international contacts in every field from investment and tax advice, to public relations, security, property consultancy, business consultancy, medicine or art.

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