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For generations we have been applying our experience to help clients prepare wills, structure succession and plan for the tax and regulatory issues which impact on those decisions. We help people provide certainty for their families, their businesses, their treasured heritage and other unique assets in a knowledgeable and insightful and empathetic way.

Our experience in wills and succession planning

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the local and international laws and regulations which apply to the business sectors, heritage and other unique assets which our clients typically own and which raise issues which will vary enormously depending on whether they own a landed estate, a family business or are involved in the entertainment or sports sectors.

How we can help

We are specialists who deal with the needs of the modern and often internationally mobile family – those which don't necessarily conform to a norm - but who will always need structured tax and succession advice. We guide them through the range of tax, regulatory, family law and other issues which may arise in planning for and passing wealth between the generations.

Many of our team are actively involved whether as trustees, non-executive directors or in industry specific professional bodies, and we are able to provide practical advice and watch and anticipate future developments in the law and policy and bring all of that collective knowledge to provide strategic and insightful guidance.

A Lasting Legacy

Will disputes are on the rise and mental capacity is an ever growing issue. Is it time for the law to be modernised as the landscape shifts? In this campaign we examine the spectrum of mental health issues, cognitive disorders, and other factors that impact the ability to make a will and explore the tension between protecting the vulnerable and empowering them to make decisions about their own life and assets.

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