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With an ageing demographic and increasing life expectancy, we increasingly see the very real issues which can arise in terms of the impaired capacity of family members, business directors or those with whom professionals work.

Our experience in capacity

At Farrer & Co we have a specialist team who are adept at providing advice to individuals, investment advisers and financial services providers who from time to time face the consequences of dealing with the issues which impaired capacity can present. We routinely prepare and provide advice regarding the creation of Lasting Powers of Attorney and at the same time give advice to the attorneys who help affected individuals on the use of the powers they have been given.

We are experts at making applications to the Court of Protection and have a wealth of experience in helping investment advisors, financial services providers and other professionals in dealing with the ramifications of lost or impaired capacity bringing our skills and empathy to address those issues promptly and strategically.

A Lasting Legacy

Will disputes are on the rise and mental capacity is an ever growing issue. Is it time for the law to be modernised as the landscape shifts? In this campaign we examine the spectrum of mental health issues, cognitive disorders, and other factors that impact the ability to make a will and explore the tension between protecting the vulnerable and empowering them to make decisions about their own life and assets.

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