Charity & institutional governance

The lawyers really understand the charities sector inside and out, and they are talented throughout the ranks.

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Although the principles of good governance are broadly similar across the sectors, our team understand the differences and nuances of good governance for charities and social enterprises.

We work with the promoters of new charities and social enterprises to ensure that the governing documents of the new entity set out the agreed governance arrangements in a straightforward manner, so that trustees and directors can be clear about their powers and duties, and also that the documents reflect the latest legal developments and thinking on matters such as conflicts of interest, delegated authority and responsibility, and virtual resolutions and meetings.  

In terms of law, charity group structures incorporating social enterprises and other companies are relatively new and our team have been leading the field in their work on structuring arrangements for such groups to ensure good governance principles apply in relation to ownership and control provisions and inter-group contracting arrangements. 

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