Commercial Property Newsletter: Spotlight on Development December 2015

Posted by: Clive Lovatt and Robin Holmes and Jonathan Came and Joanna Gliddon and Edward Banyard Smith  | Date posted : 02/12/2015

Welcome to the December edition of the Farrer & Co Commercial Property department newsletter, looking at matters affecting the world of property development.

Of course, the matter which will be affecting us all shortly is the pre-Christmas rush, be it a rush to finish a final deal, a rush to Oxford Street for that forgotten present or simply to make it to the pub before everyone else does.

We have therefore sought to ensure that this edition reaches you nice and early. We have a miscellany of articles, including how the law relating to liquidated damages has evolved, a look at the ownership of street art, a review of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and a summary of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Finally, your editor has been a long-time supporter of the construction courts as the ultimate resolution procedure for disputes in development and construction contracts. However, the costs incurred in court proceedings are now such that it may be time to look again; we review therefore the new RICS Arbitration Service.

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