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The President has spoken: new Presidential Guidance on general case management published

This week the President of the Employment Tribunals published new guidance on general case management. The guidance is stated to apply from 13 March 2014 and attempts to set out the procedure, processes and considerations that will normally apply under the Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure 2013.

The guidance addresses the following areas: disclosure of documents and preparing bundles, witness statements, making amendments to a claim or response, establishing the existence of a ‘disability’, remedies, costs, timetabling, concluding cases without a hearing and judicial mediation.

The purpose of the guidance is "to give all parties a better idea of what to expect at an employment tribunal, and what is expected of them, while also promoting consistent case handling by employment judges". Although there is very little new information in the guidance, it is pretty user-friendly and provides a basic explanation of how the tribunal process works.  It is probably not worth all but the most die-hard tribunal geeks ploughing through it in detail in the absence of any pressing claim, but it is useful to have to hand when involved in litigation, and to press into the hands of potential witnesses.

The new guidance can be found at:

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