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Aspiring Solicitors - boosting diversity



We have partnered with Aspiring Solicitors, the organisation which works to increase diversity in the legal profession across all underrepresented groups.      

The partnership will see ambassadors from Farrers hosting Aspiring Solicitors events to provide free access and assistance to students, as part of the firm’s ongoing pledge to increase the diversity of its workforce.

David Hunt, Head of Diversity at Farrers says: “We’re delighted to be working with Aspiring Solicitors to welcome bright and deserving students to our firm. We’ve seen a vast uptake of ambassador roles from our solicitors, who embody the firm’s aspiration to advance our talent pool through a diverse and inclusive workforce.  We’re very excited to work alongside Aspiring Solicitors to help pave the way for the next generation of legal professionals at Farrers.”

Chris White, Founder of Aspiring Solicitors says: “Partnering with Farrer & Co demonstrates our commitment to increasing diversity in the legal profession within every different type of law firm.  Farrer & Co offers something different to our existing Affiliate law firms and we are confident that our members will be keen to explore their offering and utilise their commitment to diversity and inclusion through it.”

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