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Our mediation and ADR services & expertise

Although the newspapers regularly report on hard-fought divorce battles, there are a number of alternatives to the court process. There are many advantages to these alternatives; they avoid the stress and cost of litigation, they help you and your former spouse to communicate with one another, and significantly, they are also completely private (in stark contrast to court proceedings).

Family & Mediation

If you and your spouse agree to mediate, you will both meet with a specialist mediator who will help you work to settle your differences and reach an agreement. Mediation can be used to help you reach agreement on how assets should be divided, to agree the arrangements for your children on separation, or anything else that you wish to discuss.

Our mediators are trained to help resolve all issues that may face separating couples. 

Collaborative Law

Another alternative to the court process is collaborative law. If you and your spouse decide to use this process, you will each appoint your own collaboratively trained lawyer and then meet to work things out face to face. This way you can discuss the issues between you frankly and with the support of your own lawyers.

By meeting together in this way, negotiating an agreement is an open and transparent process which can progress at a pace that suits you.

Family & Divorce Arbitration

If you decide to arbitrate in order to reach an agreement, you and your spouse would each have lawyers, but you then select an independent arbitrator to resolve your dispute. The arbitrator's decision is then binding.

We will discuss all of the options available to you, so that you can make an informed decision regarding the best way forward in your circumstances.

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