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Commercial Property Newsletter: Spotlight on Development December 2016



Welcome to the final edition for 2016 of the Developers' newsletter. All in all, it has been an eventful year; it was "events" of course that Harold Macmillan described as the most likely cause of a government being blown off course. In the United Kingdom, the course the government plots for the country has changed seismically during 2016.

In the United States of America, one of the most experienced politicians of the modern era lost the election for the Presidency to a political novice; that event seems destined to have a major impact upon the United States and doubtless the world generally.

2017 would seem to hold no less capacity to prove Macmillan correct, with important events – namely elections - in major European Union nations, specifically France and Germany.

Notwithstanding all this, the United Kingdom economy remains buoyant relatively, with average growth in 2016 likely to be about 2%. Forecasts for 2017 suggest growth at slightly more than 1% and the country avoiding recession. This bears out our own experiences, with most sectors of the property market remaining resilient.

All of which brings us to the day to day issues faced by developers; in this issue, we have articles on the management of flood risk, sensitive habitats, electronic communications and a case involving a developer's misrepresentations.

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