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“I would rate the client-service highly and they are strong in international private client matters.”

 The team is highly technical but they are able to communicate their knowledge and provide practical advice that we can implement and follow."

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With increasingly complex and contentious disputes concerning tax issues, our clients rely on us to guide them through their compliance requirements. 

We undertake often lengthy and time-consuming negotiations with tax authorities where there are disagreements between the taxpayer and HMRC.  This may be because the facts of the case are in question, but it can also result from a lack of clarity in the legislation itself; where this is the case, we will represent the case of our client and argue the strongest possible terms.  In the event that we are unable to reach an agreement, we will undertake tax litigation on behalf of our clients - although we always view this as the last resort.

We combine the expertise of tax lawyers with litigators who have specialist experience of tax investigations and disputes. We represent our clients across all aspects whether it be a simple enquiry or a more complex investigation by the tax authorities.  Our principal aim is to avoid lengthy disputes with tax authorities and to ensure finalisation of assessment in a timely manner.  Our work includes enquiry work, negotiations with HMRC and also, where relevant, judicial review applications.

We provide a comprehensive advice service and undertake appeals before the courts and tribunals. We advise on contractual tax-based disputes concerning tax warranties and indemnities in sale and purchase agreements and on claims concerning alleged professional negligence by tax advisors.

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