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Mary Breen joins Farrer & Co as Schools Adviser


Farrer & Co are delighted to announce the arrival of Mary Breen as our dedicated Schools Adviser. Mary will be well known to many as the former Headmistress of St Mary’s School Ascot. In her new role at Farrers, she will provide advice and guidance to schools, working alongside our team of education and safeguarding lawyers.

Mary’s appointment allows us to develop and enhance our services to our school clients in a way which will add real strategic value and contextual experience to our core legal services. Mary will work alongside our lawyers on school matters and will be available to:

  • advise schools on the structuring/restructuring of management teams and whole staff bodies, advise on the restructuring of staff salary scales, including consultation around pensions;
  • assist in reviews of, and providing advice to, schools in respect of their Development and/or Marketing Offices;
  • review and advise on school governance;
  • utilise her experience as Head and a schools inspector to help clients achieve full compliance;
  • advise Heads on parental complaints and pupil discipline;
  • carry out serious case reviews especially those involving safeguarding and peer-on-peer abuse;
  • provide training and/or mentoring to new heads, senior management teams, development offices, heads of academic departments, whole staff and governing bodies.

We are very excited about the ways in which Mary’s experience will serve to complement and augment what we always seek to achieve for our clients: the delivery of trusted, focused and practical advice from a position of authentic understanding.

“I am delighted to be joining the firm. I look forward to providing practical, school-focused advice, assisting heads, senior staff and governors. I hope to bring a unique insight into this new role, based on my experience of headship over the past twenty years”. Mary Breen - Schools Adviser

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