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In any organisation, strong employee relations are key to any success.  The area of employee relations can also give rise to complex and fast-moving issues, which require careful handling and often quick solutions.  We pride ourselves on our accessibility, making ourselves available to you whenever and wherever possible in order to provide all the support you need and to help you achieve a positive solution.

On-going support

Working hand-in-hand with your Human Resources or senior management team, we can offer immediate advice on the best way to proceed.  We will then provide ongoing support to ensure that the matter continues on the right track so that your aims can then be met.  When advising on employee relations issues, we are always also alive to wider issues, such as reputation management and the importance of acting consistently within an organisation’s culture.

A significant number of our clients have recognised trade unions and we are therefore also used to advising on collective bargaining issues and trade disputes.  We also have significant experience of liaising with trade union representatives when seeking to resolve specific employee relations issues.


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