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We have a broad administrative law practice which offers advice and representation to a range of commercial, institutional and charity clients.

Regulatory bodies

We act for organisations exercising regulatory or quasi-administrative functions, particularly sports governing bodies, higher education institutions and professional associations.

We assist throughout internal decision-making processes to ensure that our clients’ decisions are fair, proportionate and procedurally correct.  In the event that a decision is challenged, we defend judicial reviews or appeals to external tribunals.


Recent experience:

  • Acting for the defendant in a challenge to the withdrawal of examination results in R -v- Royal College of Surgeons (Faculty of Dental Surgery) ex p Group of Dentists [ongoing].
  • Acting for a national sports governing body in connection with a challenge to a decision to confirm a national record [ongoing].
  • Acting for an interested party in R -v- OIA ex parte Alexander [ongoing] in relation to a challenge to a decision deny a student the right to continue studies.
  • Acting for a national sports governing body in connection with a challenge to a selection decision [2014].
  • Acting for the defendant in R -v- King’s College London ex parte Rahwahy [2013].
  • Acting for the defendant in a challenge to an admission decision in R -v- Imperial College ex p Yue [2013].


Private parties

We also advise private organisations and individuals in connection with potential challenges to administrative decisions, both as claimants and interested parties, and private law claims for damages arising out of breaches of regulatory obligations.


Recent experience:

  • Advising an individual who invested €4 million in a Gibraltarian Investment Fund following advice given to him by an investment advisory firm. We are pursuing a claim for the return of the funds alleging breaches of COBs and contract and in tort.
  • Acting for a UK charity in a claim for in excess of £8 million against its former investment advisor for negligent portfolio management, breach of contract and under s. 150 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 [ongoing].
  • Acting for an interested party in R -v- Southwark Coroner ex parte Trivedi, in connection with a challenge to a coroner’s decision about the circumstances of a student’s death [ongoing].
  • Acting for a religious order as an interested party in the judicial review of a planning decision obtained in their favour [ongoing].
  • Advising a charitable institution in connection with a potential judicial review application of a planning decision [ongoing].
  • Advising The Church Commissioners for England in R -v- Hampshire County Council & Anor, the judicial review of Hampshire County Council’s decision in connection with an application to register 108 acres of land as a Village Green [2014].
  • Advising a national museum in relation to a potential application to judicially review the decision by a local council to dispose of an object of cultural importance [2013].
  • Advising a financial advisor in connection with a challenge to a decision of the Financial Ombudsman [2013].
  • Advising the Independent Schools Council on its successful judicial review of the Charity Commission's public benefit guidance [2011].

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